Welcome to VASFAA!!

"To promote the professional preparation, effectiveness, recognition, cooperation and association of our members to facilitate education, communication and cooperation among educational institutions and other organizations concerned with the support and administration of student financial aid."
-VASFAA Mission Statement

Please bear with us as we transition to a new website design. In the meantime, you may find some content out of date, but here is a recent message from our President, Ryan Dulude:

President's Update, February 2018

The last month brought us a whole boat load of snow (some in the last 24 hours) and really cold weather. That has not stopped the Executive Committee from meeting and having a robust conversation about VASFAA’s future priorities.

We may be small but our challenges are big. In the next year, we need to engage in some meaningful work:

  • A conference site for 2019 and the possibility of a joint conference with NHASFAA.
  • Developing and executing a calendar of training topics in partnership with EASFAA, NASFAA and other sister organizations.
  • Transitioning to a new website design, logo and content creation.
  • Engaging with stakeholders around the state around Higher Education Act Reauthorization.

Each of these items are going to require one important element: YOU.

The mark of a vibrant and relevant organization is how active its membership is. VASFAA can serve many purposes but that service starts and ends with participation. Whether it be joining a committee, presenting, or volunteering at the conference, our collective effort is what will make VASFAA thrive.

As a starting point, I am asking for volunteers for a co-chair of the Website Committee with Kim Meilleur. Kim has been doing great work with our website vendor shepherding the development of our new website and now it is approaching the time to build out content on the site. Please reach out to myself or Kim (web@vasfaavt.org) if you are interested in engaging in this important work as co-chair.

An example of your engagement is your quick work in our response to Congressman Welch. Ryan McLaren of Congressman Welch’s office appreciated the expertise and nuance we brought to the conversation. Ryan wanted to pass along that if you would like to connect with him further his email is ryan.mclaren@mail.house.gov.

One last reminder: for those that haven’t, pay your yearly membership dues to VASFAA! We will soon be reaching out to institutions that have not paid. Please connect with Michael Griffith at treasurer@vasfaavt.org if you have questions.

Hope you all stay warm for what Punxsutawney Phil says will be six week more of winter. Feel free to reach out to myself or any member of the Executive Committee to talk all things VASFAA.