2016 VASFAA Summer Conference


Presentations that have been provided are linked from the title of the session below and will open in PDF format in a new window.

Keynote Speaker
Carrie Stack, Say YES Institute
Power of the Positive – How can being positive change your life?

Default Management
Cohort Default Rates are expected to rise at many schools. A comprehensive default prevention plan is an essential starting

point for improving student loan outcomes. This session will cover the basics, including why your school needs a plan and the
resources available to help you develop one.

Financial Aid 101
Remedial General Financial Aid Session

Identifying & Responding to a Distressed Student
We have all seen students who are clearly in distress, but how can you identify those that are not so obviously in distress.

Prior Prior Year
We are hoping that ED will have developed specific guidance by the time of our conference for things like how to
handle conflicting information between academic years. We will hear from someone regarding the work that the
NASFAA task force has been doing. There will also be a facilitated discussion
regarding what you will plan to do on yourown campus
to accommodate these changes.

A (Ad)Venture into Financial Independence
For many college students, work-study earnings or student refunds may be the first money they are responsible to manage on their own.
Explore some options on providing students with the resources they need to be prepared and stick to a realistic budget and spending plan.

A review of the SAP rules, followed by a roundtable discussion about how you handle SAP on your campuses and

what you wish you could do better.

Fraud in Title IV
We have all read the headlines about students who are obtaining Federal aid and never attending classes.

We will learn more about what people are doing and how we can help stop them.

A review of the R2T4 rules, followed by a roundtable discussion about how you handle R2T4

on your campuses and what you wish you could do better.

Working with Millennials
This session will highlight the financial and buying habits and expectations of millennials and

will review some recommendations in engaging them.

Diversity on Campuses
Why does diversity on campuses matter?

New Perkins Program
Review of the new rules regarding awarding/disbursing Federal Perkins Loans, followed by a discussion

about how your campus is planning to award these funds going forward.

Federal Update
What is going on in Washington, as it relates to Higher Education.

Keynote Follow-Up
Learn more about building emotional intelligence skills and how they are all connected to how we view things like change,
and how they also apply to people, teams, climate/culture, communication and assumptions.

Changing the Conversation
We need to present all financing options to families early in the decision process.

Please send any questions, comments, or suggestions regarding the VASFAA conference to conference@vasfaavt.org.