Reports from the Field

2013 Federal Student Aid Conference

With the help of a VASFAA Scholarship, Gary Taylor (University of Vermont) attended the 2013 Federal Student Aid Conference in Las Vegas. Read Gary's detailed report of his conference experience.

VASFAA offers scholarships for our members to attend our state, regional and national association conferences. If you are interested in attending an upcoming conference, check out more information and apply for a scholarship today!

2012 Tax Detective Handbook

MASFAA graciously wanted to help out our financial aid community
and opened up some slots for VT financial aid administrators to
attend an all-day, in-person tax training session presented by Jim
Brigss, otherwise known as "The Tax Detective" in financial aid circles.

Heather Clifford from Bennington College was able to attend this
session and found it very informative and entertaining. She wanted
to share with the rest of the VASFAA community what she learned.

Click here to get a copy of the workbook provided at the session,
that has been updated with her notes.

Have you attended another conference or event and want to share notes?  Are you a VASFAA scholarship recipient and need to report conference information?   Please email us, we'll add it to this page.  Help our financial aid knowledge (and website) grow!