2019 VASFAA Summer Conference

Tentative Sessions:

Federal Update -  VASFAA welcomes Stephen Payne to present the Federal Update. Stephen is the Assistant Director of Federal Relations for NASFAA and works primarily on NASFAA's congressional advocacy and policy priorities. Stephen joined NASFAA in June 2015 and is a graduate of Penn State University where he studied education policy. 

The Eagle has Landed: VASFAA Mission Control - Mission/Purpose is a statement of why the organization exists, at the most meaningful level. At this 50th anniversary event, we will revisit VASFAA’s mission statement and the vision of our future as an organization.

Birds of a Feather: Grey Areas in Financial Aid Compliance - Federal Aid compliance and regulations guide the work that we do but often do not provide all of the answers. In this round table discussion, we will discuss some of the resources and methods schools use to interpret the regulation and how schools develop their own institutional policies when needed. Session attendees are encouraged to bring their own examples of these grey areas for discussion.

Developing Innovation in Staff or Getting Your Ideas Heard - This session will introduce a model to be used by individuals that have ideas but they may not be fully formed, vetted by key stakeholders, etc. Too often when ideas are not adopted, individuals can become frustrated, disengaged and lose interest in coming up with new ideas. Budgets are tight everywhere and we need to leverage the knowledge and talents of those around us to find more effective and efficient ways of accomplishing our work. Bring with you real problems that we can work through together utilizing this framework.

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