There are two categories of members in VASFAA, active and associate. Membership is by institution.

Vermont Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators

"To promote the professional preparation, effectiveness, recognition, cooperation and association of our members to facilitate education, communication and cooperation among educational institutions and other organizations concerned with the support and administration of student financial aid."


Welcome from our President

Dear colleagues and friends,
'Unprecedented' may be a word we are tired of hearing to describe 2020, but it's an apt description nonetheless. As a professional community, we have been faced with incredible challenges - attracting and retaining students at a time of declining enrollment and school closures in Vermont, helping students and families who are struggling financial due to the pandemic, and engaging in important conversations about race in our state and at the national level - all while many of us are facing the same challenges to our families' well-being as the families we serve.
Though times of significant transition can be difficult, they also present us with opportunities to ask important questions. As an organization, what are our needs, now and in the near future? How can we best support families? How can we further discussion about racism and bias in our communities?
We are fortunate to have many excellent resources available for technical and regulatory training and research, whether through NASFAA, EASFAA, the Department of Education, or other organizations. This enables us, at this unprecedented time, to focus instead on these questions. I propose we spend the 2020-2021 year engaged in regular conversations and workshops, leading to a great conference in June 2021, hopefully in person! By approaching this unprecedented year in this way, we are able to more fully rely on our greatest resource as an association - each other.
I look forward to a productive and meaningful year.
Zack Goodwin


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