There are two categories of members in VASFAA, active and associate. Membership is by institution.

Vermont Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators

"To promote the professional preparation, effectiveness, recognition, cooperation and association of our members to facilitate education, communication and cooperation among educational institutions and other organizations concerned with the support and administration of student financial aid."


Welcome from our President

Colleagues and friends,

We are VASFAA, and as members you all play an integral role in awarding financial aid for nearly every post-secondary education student in Vermont.

The last 18 months has redefined and reshaped so many aspects of our lives. From the long months of 2020 when so much uncertainty and change existed to our persistent work in seeking that elusive post-pandemic, our work in financial aid has magnified in both scope and importance. Our students and families have been in need for a long period of time and we have led with grace while navigating an ever-shifting landscape.

With all of this change about, VASFAA also has the opportunity at hand to redefine and reshape itself. In the following months, and through the critical work of our members, we will engage in redefining our membership structure. We will reshape our engagement efforts with our members and utilize the digital tools that have popularized during the pandemic. We will clarify and clearly state our dedication to providing an equitable and inclusive environment as an organization and toward the students that we serve.

Each of these changes requires a key ingredient: our members. The collective work they engage in will help us thrive as an organization and launch us into a better, more active future.

I am excited for this work, am proud to serve as VASFAA's president, and look forward to working with our members.



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