VASFAA Executive Committee 2019-2020

Melaney Wald, VSAC (President):
Laurie Fay, UVM (Treasurer):
Martha Hinchman, UVM (Treasurer Elect)
Lisa Cummings, Saint Michael's College (Secretary):

VASFAA Committees for 2019-2020

Website Committee

(Send web updates to
Lynda Ossola, UVM
Ryan Gates, UVM

Training Committee

No current members

Government Relations Committee 

Ryan Dulude, CCV

Conference Committee

(contact at
Renee Blanchet, UVM (co-chair)
Chris Barry, St. Michael's College (co-chair)
Marilyn Cargill, VSAC
Laurie Fay, UVM
Ryan Gates, UVM
Linda Thatcher, VSAC

Constitution and Bylaws

Greg Davis, Champlain College (Committee Chair)
Matthew Desorgher, UVM
Marcia Corey, VSAC
Ryan Dulude, CCV
Tanner Matchus, CCV
Sarah Harris, Norwich
Jodi Sibley, Norwich

Strategic Planning Committee

Executive Committee members

Thank you to every individual member for your time and dedication to this organization, your own individual institutions, and every student you help each and every day.  Please email Melaney Wald if you would like to become more involved with VASFAA.