Each year VASFAA recognizes individuals who have made significant contributions to the financial aid profession in Vermont.

VASFAA Award Recipients

2023 - Martha Hinchman, UVM (Special Recognition); Linda Thatcher, VSAC (Outstanding Volunteer Award)
2022 - Matt DeSorgher, UVM (Outstanding Volunteer Award)
2021 - Melaney Wald, VSAC (Special Recognition); Chris Barry, VSAC (Outstanding Volunteer Award)
2020 - Ryan Dulude (Special Recognition)
2019 - Donna Stevens, UVM (Outstanding Volunteer Award); Pam Chisholm, CCV (Lifetime Achievement Award)
2018 - Greg Davis, Champlain College (Special Recognition Award); Jill King, UVM (Volunteer of the Year)
2016 - Deborah Lessor, VSAC (Volunteer of the Year)
2015 - Renee Blanchet, UVM (Volunteer of the Year)
2014 - Ryan Gates, VSAC (Volunteer of the Year)
2013 - Don Vickers, VSAC (Lifetime of Achievement)
2012 – Cathy Mullins, Landmark College (Volunteer of the Year)
2011 – Natalie Young, VSAC (Volunteer of the Year); Jason Stuart Walt, VSAC (Special Recognition)
2010 – Kit Ardell, UVM (Volunteer of the Year)
2009 – Marcia Vance, VSAC (Special Recognition, posthumous)
2008 – Yvonne Whitaker, VSAC (Special Recognition); Michael Ireland, SIT (Volunteer of the Year)
2007 – Cathy McCullough, VTC (Person of the Year)
2006 – Dino Koff, VT Law School (Person of the Year)
2005 – Marilyn Cargill, VSAC (Person of the Year)
2004 – David Myette, Champlain College (Person of the Year)
2003 – Yvonne Whitaker, VSAC (Person of the Year)
2002 – Maureen Gardner, VSAC, Office of the Chancellor (Person of the Year)
2001 – Ted Franzeim, VSAC (Person of the Year); Pam Chisholm, Trinity College (Person of the Year)
2000 – Ken Moulton, CSC (Person of the Year)